February 23, 2012

Banning kids from restaurants is an interesting notion. There’s one bar in downtown Honolulu that attracts families because pizza is on the menu – but it’s a loud sports bar. Definitely not family friendly…


No one enjoys listening to crying children while they’re dining out, and parents are no exception.

Mindful parents — and there are many of them — know the drill when it comes to eating out with children. They stick to family friendly restaurants, know the signs of an oncoming outburst and won’t hesitate to scoop up their children at first wail. That is if they decide to take the kids out in the first place.

Those parents wish restaurants didn’t need to publicly state policies for dealing with unruly children or even ban them outright. They shudder when the media shines a spotlight on establishments that go that route; the controversy gives parents a bad name.

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Holding my thoughts

April 9, 2007

Want to see my real blog? It’s at billso.com

I’ll be using this WordPress site for an upcoming project.


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